Units of Tesla's Optimus could potentially be delivered in 2025.

Units of Tesla's Optimus could potentially be delivered in 2025.

Tesla is targeting the shipment of a limited number of Optimus units in 2025. The primary challenge that Tesla is actively addressing with Optimus is defining its practical applications.

During the recent TSLA earnings call, Elon Musk expressed optimism about delivering some Optimus units in the coming year, emphasizing that Optimus represents a groundbreaking product for Tesla. In a December 2023 update, Tesla unveiled the Gen 2 Optimus prototype, showcasing advancements such as humanlike hand movements, a lighter build, and improved features in the neck and arms through specialized actuators and sensors. Gen 2 can also walk 30% faster due in part to a reduced weight of 10kg.

The lingering question revolves around the practical utility of Optimus. A Tesla executive acknowledged that while Optimus can perform basic tasks and move around effectively, the challenge lies in elevating its functionality to genuinely useful levels. Elon Musk acknowledged that Optimus is capable of undertaking some useful tasks, such as carrying items or handling laundry, though the robot is not yet autonomous in performing complex tasks like folding laundry.

During the earnings call, a Tesla executive concurred with Musk's assessment but highlighted the need to enhance Optimus's utility before envisioning mass production of a million units. While Tesla has demonstrated Optimus engaging in tasks that could be beneficial, such as transporting objects and assisting with laundry, the company recognizes that further advancements are required for Optimus to make a meaningful and widespread contribution to society.


-------The article excerpted from TESLARATI.

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