The Tesla Cybertruck reveals a fresh aerodynamic wheel cover designed for its standard tire package.

The Tesla Cybertruck reveals a fresh aerodynamic wheel cover designed for its standard tire package.

Earlier in the month, Tesla's team at T Sportline highlighted an issue with the wheel covers on the Tesla Cybertruck through a video. The problem stemmed from rubber extensions on the covers overlapping with the tire sidewall, especially when the tire deforms at its base during driving. As a result, the extensions were making contact with the Goodyear Wrangler A/T tires. In response, it seems Tesla temporarily removed the $75 covers from the market to address the issue, as they have been marked as "Out of Stock" in the Cybertruck accessories shop for about a month.

An X user named Nic Cruz Patane has shared information about a new set of covers, showcasing the updated design in a video posted on X. The refreshed look eliminates the concern of the extensions coming into contact with the sidewall, offering a more streamlined and functional appearance.

According to Patane, these newly showcased covers aren't the redesigned versions intended for the top-tier Cybertrucks. Currently, the Cybertruck Foundation Series is the only model being delivered, featuring 20-inch premium wheels equipped with Goodyear Wranglers—the same tires shown in the video. It is anticipated that Tesla will offer a base wheel option with a more street-focused tire.

Patane's suggestion that these smaller covers might come with the Pirelli Scorpion ATR supports the expectation of a base wheel on a tire more suitable for urban use. The Pirelli Scorpions are known for their capacity to handle light off-road tasks while being recognized for their quieter operation and lower rolling resistance compared to the Goodyears. Historically, Pirelli Scorpions were original equipment on vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler, Lexus GX 470, and Hummer H2.

The reason behind these covers being on the premium tires is unclear. Despite this uncertainty, Patane's credibility in sharing Tesla-related information, such as the introduction of the Cybertruck's Wade Mode and the first Cybertruck crash, adds weight to his observations.

One undeniable fact is the distinction between these covers and the previous version. The older aero covers had extensions encircling a solid central piece lined with soft rubber. In contrast, the new design features slats near the edges, typically associated with brake cooling vents. The center cap is recessed into the cover rather than protruding from it. While these base covers may not exude the same futuristic vibe as the premium ones, they bring a different aesthetic that is nonetheless appealing. Although not yet available in the Tesla accessories shop, they serve as the baseline for comparison when the redesigned premium covers are eventually released.


-------The article excerpted from TESLARATI.

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