The Tesla Cybertruck fearlessly navigates through heavy rainfall and flooded streets during severe storms.

The Tesla Cybertruck fearlessly navigates through heavy rainfall and flooded streets during severe storms.

A Tesla Cybertruck was spotted defiantly traversing through heavy rainfall and flooded roads amidst the onslaught of massive storms sweeping through the Southeastern United States.

Last week, the Northeast bore the brunt of severe weather, with reports of several inches of rainfall, tornadoes, and even an earthquake as a powerful storm system traversed the region.

Now, the Southeastern U.S. finds itself in the grip of a separate storm system, with torrential rainfall inundating various states in the region. While the system is beginning to move out over the Atlantic Ocean, significant rainfall pounded major cities as recently as April 10th.

New Orleans, Louisiana, bore a significant brunt of the storm's fury, with reports indicating that between five to eight inches of rainfall inundated the city. Accompanying winds, reaching speeds of up to 80 MPH, added to the tumultuous conditions.

As per USA Today, the storm left more than 118,000 households and businesses without power stretching from Texas to Georgia by Wednesday night. Tragically, at least one individual in Mississippi lost their life due to the severe weather.

Despite warnings from New Orleans officials cautioning against the risks of flooding and urging residents to avoid venturing onto the roads, it seems a Tesla Cybertruck remained undeterred.

Initially, Tesla envisioned grand ambitions for the Cybertruck, with CEO Elon Musk expressing intentions for it to traverse bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and seas. The company aimed to make the pickup waterproof under specific conditions to facilitate this capability.

Musk envisioned the Cybertruck making a splashy journey from Starbase to South Padre Island in Texas, covering a distance of approximately 6.5 miles by floating across water.

To prepare for such aquatic adventures, Tesla equipped the Cybertruck with Wade Mode. This feature serves to safeguard the battery pack by pressurizing it and also elevates the vehicle's ride height for enhanced water traversal.

This article is excerpted from Teslarati.
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