The refreshed Tesla Model 3 has now been made available to North American consumers after its earlier introduction in other regions.

The refreshed Tesla Model 3 has now been made available to North American consumers after its earlier introduction in other regions.

Following an extensive wait, Tesla (TSLA) has at last unveiled the updated Model 3 for its customers in the United States and Canada, maintaining the original pricing.

Last year saw Tesla embark on "Project Highland," a comprehensive initiative to enhance the Model 3 sedan, first launched in 2017. Initially introduced in China and subsequently extended to Europe, this revitalization aimed to reduce production costs and elevate the sedan's allure by overhauling various aspects, including the exterior, powertrain, and interior components. While periodic updates to the Model 3 have occurred in terms of mechanical components and battery materials, this marks the first significant overhaul. Notably, premium Tesla models like the Model S and Model Y have already undergone transformations, incorporating updated exterior styling, new touchscreen interfaces, and distinctive yoke steering wheels.

In terms of aesthetics, the revamped Model 3 showcases a redesigned front end with sleeker headlights, updated daytime running lights (DRLs), and refreshed rear headlights. While the exterior has undergone subtle refinements, it maintains a familiar appearance, with Tesla emphasizing that the styling has been "optimized for maximum aerodynamics." The update also introduces new wheel options and two additional color choices.

Despite the anticipation, Tesla has kept the pricing unchanged for the updated Model 3, delivering a long-awaited refresh to its North American audience.

The refreshed Tesla Model 3 sedan (credit: Tesla)

Beneath the surface, substantial improvements have been implemented in the updated Model 3. While specific details have not been officially disclosed by Tesla, reviewers note significant enhancements to the car's suspension components and tuning. These modifications contribute to an enhanced driving experience, characterized by a smoother ride and improved handling. Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, previously expressed concerns about the challenges faced during the Model 3's initial production and development stages, referring to it as "production hell." This mid-cycle update serves as a strategic measure to address and rectify some of the product-related issues identified during the earlier phases of the Model 3's development.

The refreshed Tesla Model 3 sedan (credit: Tesla)

While the central touchscreen remains the primary interface for the vehicle's functions, Tesla has introduced an additional display for rear-seat occupants, serving entertainment purposes and providing access to rear climate controls.

The standout feature and cause for celebration among enthusiasts is that the new Model 3 maintains the same price point as its predecessor. The Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive is priced at $38,990, mirroring the outgoing model's cost, and retains the 272-mile range. Similarly, the Model 3 Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive retains its price of $45,990 but boasts an extended range, now reaching 341 miles on a full charge—an increase of eight miles.


-------The article excerpted from yahoo finance.

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