Tesla Update 2024.14.3 introduces 9 exclusive Cybertruck features, while Tesla shares its off-road guide

Tesla Update 2024.14.3 introduces 9 exclusive Cybertruck features, while Tesla shares its off-road guide

Tesla rolled out a significant software update for the Cybertruck, labeled version 2024.14.3, unveiling nine exclusive features. These include locking differentials, Trail Assist, Off-Road Mode, among others, which substantially enhance the Cybertruck's capabilities. Additionally, Tesla published a comprehensive guide dedicated to the Cybertruck's new off-roading functionalities, detailing the utilization of each driving mode.

In the latest update, the Cybertruck also gained several enhancements that were previously found in other vehicles, including the Colorizer feature, Front Passenger Air Vent, and Zoom.

In a video titled "Testing Tesla Cybertruck's Off-Road Capability" (video below), TopGear, a BBC publication, evaluated Tesla's newest off-road software in a California desert, using the Rivian R1T as a comparison standard.

New Accessories

TopGear also had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge prototype accessories for the Cybertruck, such as the Cybercooler and CyberInflator, enabling users to regulate tire pressure. Additionally, Tesla is gearing up to unveil Cyberboxes designed to snugly fit beneath the CyberTent enclosure and seamlessly integrate into the bed rails, as showcased in the video.

Cybertruck Update

The Off-Road Mode of the Cybertruck enhances its capabilities on rugged terrains like gravel, deep snow, rock, and sand. The 'All Purpose' mode dynamically adjusts tire slip according to traction availability.

Introducing the innovative CyberTent Mode, which utilizes the air suspension to ensure a completely level sleeping surface inside the vehicle. Additionally, it provides control over amenities such as lighting, air conditioning, and power outlets, all at your command.

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Tesla elaborated that the Trail Assist function is designed to uphold a consistent cruising speed, enabling drivers to concentrate on steering. This feature serves dual purposes as it functions as both hill ascent and descent control, preventing wheel slippage.

The previous "Wade Mode," which allowed drivers to navigate through shallow bodies of water like defined river or creek crossings, has been replaced by the new "Baja Mode." This mode enhances the vehicle's balance and enables it to maneuver more freely, especially when Stability Assist is set to Minimal.

Furthermore, the latest update enhances the sensitivity of the Cybertruck's frunk, enabling it to stop earlier upon encountering resistance. Additionally, the vehicle's turning circle has been reduced by 1.6 feet, facilitating easier parking and low-speed maneuvers.

The Cybertruck's adaptive suspension has also undergone upgrades, providing more precise payload estimations and automatically adjusting damping for a smoother ride and improved handling.

Off-Road Guide

The Off-Road Guide provides an extensive exploration of Cybertruck functionalities, meticulously outlining the diverse array of driving modes and controls. It furnishes precise guidance on activating Overland and Baja modes, fine-tuning ride height, and configuring vehicle settings tailored to distinct terrains.

Moreover, the guide provides expert advice on mastering off-road driving, including strategies for traversing diverse terrains like sand, mud, and rocky terrain.

Tesla initiated the delivery of Cybertrucks in November last year. Despite encountering a few obstacles, Tesla persistently expands Cybertruck production at its Gigafactory located in Austin, Texas.

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