Tesla unveils exclusive video showcasing new Cybertruck off-roading app debut

Tesla unveils exclusive video showcasing new Cybertruck off-roading app debut

Tesla is gearing up to introduce a fresh suite of off-roading features for the Cybertruck, as revealed in an exclusive video shared this past weekend.

The upcoming off-roading enhancements for the Tesla Cybertruck were showcased in an exclusive video released by Top Gear on Sunday. These additions are expected to encompass new functionalities such as expanded off-road modes, access to pitch and angle adjustments, controls for front and rear locking differentials, and more.

The video depicts both a Cybertruck and a Rivian R1T in Johnson Valley, California, undergoing tests to determine the effectiveness of Tesla's pickup in off-road scenarios. Both electric trucks are seen undergoing four distinct off-road tests: a rock crawl, a "whoops" test, a jump, and a sand dune crawl, with the Cybertruck utilizing some of the newly introduced features.

The latest off-road capabilities include four distinct terrain modes: all-purpose, rock, gravel/deep snow, and sand. Additionally, the software allows drivers to toggle between activating all differential locks, only the rear lock, or disabling them entirely.

Below, you can navigate through some of the menus to explore the new off-road features of the Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck has been showcased in numerous off-roading demonstrations prior to its release in November, with Tesla evidently prioritizing its off-road capabilities. While the Cybertruck has faced criticism for garnering attention during off-road tests that appeared to encounter difficulties, some have suggested that these instances were a result of inexperienced off-road drivers.

Others may point out that Tesla had not yet fully implemented all off-road features for the Cybertruck, as indicated by the forthcoming feature release. Additionally, the video showcases the highly anticipated Cybertruck light bar positioned above the vehicle’s windshield.

In response to the news shared on X by reporter Sawyer Merritt, Tesla Cybertruck engineer Wes Morrill also discussed the off-road features, hinting at the possibility of even more features in the upcoming release beyond what the video reveals. The timing of the release of the new off-roading features remains unclear, but Morrill assures that detailed release notes for the update will soon be made public.

Here as followed is the video from Top Gear team:

The article is excerpted from Teslarati.
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