Tesla Unveils European Cybertruck Tour Spanning 24 Cities

Tesla Unveils European Cybertruck Tour Spanning 24 Cities

Tesla has unveiled the latest phase of its Cybertruck global tour, as the distinctive electric pickup prepares to journey through 24 cities across Europe.

Over the weekend, Tesla's Europe and Middle East division released a teaser video previewing the Cybertruck Euro tour on X platform, showcasing its upcoming stops in various cities throughout Germany, Italy, Spain, England, and beyond. Named the "Cyber Odyssey" in the video, this announcement comes on the heels of Tesla's recent Cybertruck showcases in China, Japan, Thailand, and at the Tesla Gigafactory near Berlin, Germany.

Below, you'll find the cities slated for the Cybertruck tour, along with a sneak peek video shared by Tesla's Europe and Middle East account on X:

London, England
Manchester, England
Berlin, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Budapest, Hungary
Venice, Italy
Milan, Italy
Rome, Italy
Warsaw, Poland
Paris, France
Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
Lisbon, Portugal
Istanbul, Turkey
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oslo, Norway
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stockholm, Sweden

Months ago, speculation surfaced about Tesla's plans to introduce the Cybertruck to various locations across Europe. However, this recent announcement marks the first official confirmation of these plans, following the vehicle's appearance at Giga Berlin. Coinciding with this announcement, Tesla has also revealed intentions to showcase the Cybertruck in Australia and New Zealand.

Nevertheless, the feasibility of bringing the Cybertruck to these markets remains uncertain, primarily due to variations in passenger safety regulations among different countries. For instance, CEO Elon Musk previously acknowledged the challenges of meeting road-legal requirements in China. Nonetheless, he agreed to dispatch Cybertruck prototypes, marking the commencement of the display tour.

Similarly, Tesla's Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy, has expressed concerns about meeting pedestrian safety standards across most European countries, particularly regarding the Cybertruck's prominent features.

Moreover, Moravy highlighted the potential obstacles posed by the truck's stainless steel design, citing tighter pedestrian safety regulations and the significant pickup market in the U.S. as contributing factors. "The truck market in the U.S. is huge, and European regulations mandate a 3.2mm external radius on external projections," Moravy explained in an interview with Top Gear. "Unfortunately, achieving a 3.2mm radius on a 1.4mm sheet of stainless steel is impossible."

The article is excerpted from Teslarati.
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