Tesla plans to address a rear camera bug in 8,700 cars by deploying an Over-the-Air Update.

Tesla plans to address a rear camera bug in 8,700 cars by deploying an Over-the-Air Update.

Tesla is set to address a rear camera issue in 8,700 electric vehicles (EVs) in China through the deployment of an Over-the-Air software update. This "recall" encompasses 1,071 Model S and Model X vehicles, along with 7,529 Model 3 vehicles, as reported by Chinese federal regulators.

The problem at hand involves unstable integrated circuit communications in some vehicles, which can be rectified through a software update. The rear camera issue, when present, limits the driver's field of vision during reverse, posing an increased risk of accidents and safety concerns, prompting the initiation of the recall.

In recent years, discussions surrounding recall terminology have emerged, particularly with Tesla's ability to address vehicle issues seamlessly through Over-the-Air updates. Owners often argue that the term "recall" may not accurately reflect the situation since most problems are resolved automatically without their manual intervention. CEO Elon Musk has advocated for updated terminology, considering the conventional language as outdated and inaccurate.

Despite the ongoing debate, regulatory agencies, such as the NHTSA, maintain the use of the term "recall" based on its technical definition. According to the NHTSA, a recall is an acknowledgment of a safety defect in a vehicle. Even if the remedy involves a software update, it is still considered a recall because it addresses a safety-related issue. The agency emphasizes that addressing defects posing an unreasonable safety risk is crucial, regardless of whether the remedy occurs at a dealership or through an Over-the-Air update.



--------The article article excerpted from TESLARATI.

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