Tesla Model S Plaid Seen Undergoing Benchmark Testing at Ferrari’s Maranello Plant

Tesla Model S Plaid Seen Undergoing Benchmark Testing at Ferrari’s Maranello Plant

Ferrari Sparks Interest by Conducting Benchmark Testing of Tesla Model S Plaid at Maranello Facility

Recent reports from car enthusiasts have sparked intrigue as Ferrari appears to be actively benchmarking a Tesla Model S Plaid at its renowned Maranello facility. The unexpected sighting of the all-electric performance sedan on Ferrari's testing grounds has fueled speculation about potential advancements in Ferrari's own electric vehicle program.

Several videos capturing the Model S Plaid's presence at Maranello have surfaced on social media platforms like Instagram. Notably, the footage reveals Ferrari evaluating a Model S Plaid equipped with standard 19-inch wheels. This choice is particularly interesting given Ferrari's traditional emphasis on high-performance vehicles. The decision to assess the flagship Tesla, known for its remarkable efficiency and cutting-edge technology, suggests that Ferrari is keen on delving into the electric vehicle landscape and gleaning insights from Tesla's electric sedan.

While some die-hard Ferrari enthusiasts may maintain reservations about electric vehicles, the company itself appears to be embracing the evolving landscape. According to an autoevolution report, Ferrari is actively working on its own electric vehicle. Initially targeted for a 2023 debut, the launch was subsequently rescheduled to 2025.

Ferrari seems to be laying the groundwork for its venture into the electric vehicle realm. The company's 2023 presentation alluded to the "inauguration" of an "e-building." Speculation is rife that this facility could house a battery research and development center, playing a crucial role in Ferrari's electric vehicle initiatives.

Intriguingly, Ferrari isn't the sole luxury car manufacturer seen benchmarking a Tesla. Lamborghini joined the ranks last year when a Tesla Model X was spotted being benchmarked on public roads. This move by Lamborghini wasn't entirely unexpected, given that a few months earlier, the supercar manufacturer unveiled the Lanzador.

Anticipated to be Lamborghini's inaugural all-electric vehicle, the Lanzador is scheduled for production around 2028. This dual-motor, all-electric concept car boasts an SUV-like body, 2+2 seating, and substantial ground clearance, marking Lamborghini's venture into the electric vehicle landscape.



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