Tesla is developing 5G functionality for electric vehicles (EVs) and their advanced systems, including Optimus.

Tesla is developing 5G functionality for electric vehicles (EVs) and their advanced systems, including Optimus.

Tesla is actively developing 5G capability for its electric vehicle (EV) lineup and its humanoid robot, Optimus. A recent job listing for a Cellular Systems Integration Engineer suggests that Tesla is working on establishing a 5G network infrastructure.

The job description for the Cellular Systems Integration Engineer position at Tesla outlines the responsibilities as follows:

"Tesla is in search of a highly motivated Cellular Systems Integration Engineer to join the global IT Manufacturing Solutions Engineering team. The role involves delivering a top-notch connectivity experience for all Tesla Vehicles (including Model S, 3, X, Y, Cybertruck, etc.) and Optimus within Tesla's facilities. Key responsibilities include understanding internal customer requirements, conducting test procedures, implementing ESIM seamlessly, and ensuring reliable integration into Tesla's private 5G network infrastructure.

The ideal candidate should possess the ability to work independently and creatively to solve complex problems. This role operates in a dynamic and fast-paced environment with strict timing constraints."

Pat Ruelke, Tesla's lead staff engineer, shared the job posting on his LinkedIn feed, indicating that the position will be based at Tesla's Engineering Headquarters in Palo Alto. Ruelke emphasized the need for an exceptional engineer to develop a seamless private 5G service connecting Tesla products with their private 5G infrastructure, pushing the boundaries of low latencies and data rates.

Tesla's focus on 5G capability suggests its plans for future iterations of the S3XY lineup and Cybertruck, as well as the capabilities of its next-generation vehicles. The company appears to be laying the groundwork for its future cars and products.

In addition to its automotive endeavors, Tesla is also making progress with its humanoid robot, Optimus. Recent job postings indicate that Tesla is gearing up to field test Optimus and create user guides for it.

Below are the responsibilities of Tesla's Cellular Systems Integration Engineer.

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