Tesla introduces six new wrap colors for the Cybertruck.

Tesla introduces six new wrap colors for the Cybertruck.

Tesla has introduced several new wrap colors for its electric vehicles (EVs) recently, including the Cybertruck. The latest additions bring the total number of Cybertruck wrap color options to 11. These new colors, each priced at $6,500, include forest green, satin crimson red, iridescent purple, tactical green, satin dark grey, and copper tinted clear. Here are all eleven color options for the Cybertruck:

Forest Green ($6,500)
Satin Rose Gold ($6,500)
Satin Abyss Blue ($6,500)
Slip Grey ($6,000)
Satin Stealth Black ($6,000)
Satin Ceramic White ($6,000)
Satin Crimson Red ($6,500)
Iridescent Purple ($6,500)
Tactical Green ($6,500)
Satin Dark Grey ($6,500)
Copper Tinted Clear ($6,500)

Tesla has recently expanded its lineup of wrap colors for the Cybertruck, adding new options such as satin rose gold, satin abyss blue, and slip grey. These additions follow the introduction of colored wrap options for the Model 3 and Model Y earlier this year, building on Tesla's initial launch of this service last year.

The pricing for these wraps includes both materials and installation, with the cost ranging from $5,000 for the clear satin film to $6,500 for the colored wraps. Tesla also provides a loaner vehicle during the installation process, making the experience convenient for buyers.

Initially available at select California locations, Tesla has now expanded its wrap services to include the Cybertruck and other models at its Collision South facility in Austin, Texas. This expansion marks Tesla's commitment to providing customization options for its vehicles beyond its home state.

Throughout last year, unique wrap designs for Cybertrucks were already gaining attention, hinting at the popularity of customization options even before the official launch of the electric vehicle in November. Reports in October suggested that Tesla would likely offer Cybertruck wraps within six months of its launch, demonstrating the company's responsiveness to customer preferences and trends.




----------The article excerpted from TESLARATI.



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