Tesla introduces a new Autopark feature in its latest software update.

Tesla introduces a new Autopark feature in its latest software update.

Tesla has unveiled a new iteration of Autopark through its recent software update, version 2024.2.11.

This highly anticipated update follows CEO Elon Musk's previous announcements regarding the company's efforts to enhance Autopark functionality.

The latest release, confirmed by Not a Tesla App, incorporates Autopark's upgraded version into the software:

"Your vehicle is now equipped to automatically park, including parallel parking, in designated spaces.

While driving at low speeds, potential parking spots are highlighted on your display. Autopark displays a circular P symbol to suggest a suitable space, although you have the freedom to choose from any highlighted spot.

To initiate parking, simply bring the vehicle to a stop, press Start, and release the steering wheel to enable free movement. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for detailed instructions.

As with all Autopilot features, it's essential to remain attentive and prepared to take immediate action, including cancelling Autopark."

Tesla's transition away from sensors in favor of its proprietary Tesla Vision technology led to some loss of functionality in vehicles.

Autopark and Smart Summon were previously unavailable in vehicles lacking Ultra Sonic Sensors (USS), which were essential for object detection and distance estimation.

To address this, Tesla introduced High-Fidelity Park Assist in the Holiday Update, which debuted around Christmas. This feature is accessible to vehicles equipped with USS and Tesla Vision.

Elon Musk had hinted at renaming Autopark to "Banish" at one point.

Looking ahead, Tesla is anticipated to introduce further enhancements, with improvements to Summon among the potential updates on the horizon.



--------The article  excerpted from TESLARATI.

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