Tesla Intel Vehicles Receive Partial Visual Updates in Spring Update 2024.14

Tesla Intel Vehicles Receive Partial Visual Updates in Spring Update 2024.14

Last month, Tesla announced that its Spring Update, version 2024.14, would introduce visual enhancements, but specified that they would be limited to the Model 3 and Model Y equipped with Ryzen processors.

The rollout of update 2024.14 by Tesla has commenced gradually, initially only accessible to vehicles featuring the Ryzen processor until last night.

Insight into update 2024.14 has now emerged for vehicles equipped with the older Intel Atom processor.

Visual Updates

Tesla had stated that none of the visual updates would extend to vehicles with Intel infotainment units. However, it appears that some features will indeed be available to those vehicles.

The Visual Updates encompass four components:

- A new immersive full-screen visualization while parked, prominently featuring the vehicle.

- An improved media player with enhanced layout, additional controls, and a new minimized mode.

- Expandable Autopilot visualizations, now accessible to all, featuring a smaller map in the top-right corner.

- A redesigned and more compact drive mode strip for vehicles equipped with Auto Shift, excluding Intel vehicles.

New Parked Visualization

Arguably the most significant feature due to its impressive execution, unfortunately, it remains unavailable for vehicles with MCU 2 (Intel Atom), at least for now.

It seems Tesla might be utilizing a higher-resolution 3D model or different shaders for this visualization, possibly explaining its exclusivity to the faster AMD Ryzen processor. Alternatively, Tesla might require some time to optimize it for Intel Atom processors or employ a different model better suited for the older processor.

At present, the Model S and Model X are also excluded from this new parked visualization. Although these models utilize the instrument cluster for visualizations, given the appeal of the new parked visualization, it might become available for them in the future.

The Cybertruck already incorporates the new parked visualization, albeit lacking an instrument cluster like the Model S/X.

New Media Player

The enhanced media player with added controls and a minimized state is being introduced to vehicles with Intel processors.

Although Tesla initially announced the new audio player as exclusive to AMD Ryzen vehicles, the media player on Intel vehicles appears identical in appearance and functionality. Those unfamiliar with the new media player can refer to our detailed overview of Tesla's new audio player.

Expandable Autopilot Visualizations

The new expandable Autopilot visualizations are also accessible on Intel vehicles. While users with FSD previously enjoyed full-screen visualizations, Tesla is now offering additional features, mirroring what's available on AMD vehicles.

For owners without FSD, this update introduces full-screen visualizations to Autopilot for the first time. These visualizations will closely resemble those in Europe, featuring new controls, enhanced vehicle detection, and turn signal display, albeit lacking certain elements exclusive to FSD, such as curbs and drivable areas.

Update: Intel vehicles will only receive full-screen visualizations if equipped with FSD and operated in the U.S. or Canada. The reason why this option is unavailable without FSD, unlike AMD vehicles, remains unclear. This issue is expected to be addressed in a future update.

Other Updates

While Intel-based vehicles may not receive all expected visual updates, they will benefit from numerous other functionalities introduced in update 2024.14, including Audible, Sentry Mode Previews, Trip Progress Bar, Spotify enhancements, Better Route Available, among others.

Final Thoughts

Despite Intel vehicles not receiving the most anticipated aspects of the Spring Update, they still benefit from a significant portion of its functionality.

While the new parked visualization is visually captivating, the improved media player offering quick access to essential controls proves to be a more practical addition.

The availability of improved full-screen driving visualizations with a map corner display is also a welcome addition.

Although older vehicles may not initially receive the new parked visualization with this update, it may be introduced later as Tesla refines it for the slower Intel processor.

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