Tesla Initiates Deployment of Full Self-Driving Beta Version 12.2.1 for a Limited Group of Customers

Tesla Initiates Deployment of Full Self-Driving Beta Version 12.2.1 for a Limited Group of Customers

Tesla Commences Official Rollout of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta Version 12 to a Limited Group of Customers, Prompting Positive Initial Reviews

The much-anticipated Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 12 from Tesla is now making its way to select customers, marking a significant milestone in the deployment of the neural net-based software. Following an initial release to Tesla employees over the weekend, the automaker has officially initiated the rollout of FSD beta version 12.2.1 to a limited group of customers.

Several customers who have received the update have taken to various platforms to share their initial experiences with the enhanced software. Mark Bixby, a long-time FSD beta user since 2021, described the transition from version 11 to version 12 as "the biggest release-to-release improvement" he has witnessed. In a detailed Facebook post outlining his experience, Bixby highlighted various improvements, including enhancements in turning trajectory, turn signals, low visibility turns, and more.

While acknowledging a few regressions and areas that remained unchanged, Bixby's overall positive feedback aligns with the anticipation surrounding FSD beta version 12. Tesla's continuous development and deployment of advanced autonomous driving capabilities underscore the company's commitment to refining and expanding the capabilities of its Full Self-Driving technology.

Mark Bixby, an experienced Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta user, emphasizes the significance of drivers maintaining readiness to take control of the car, even with the FSD beta version 12.2.1. He underscores that the FSD system is classified as Level 2 automation, requiring continuous driver monitoring and intervention if necessary.

Bixby highlights the cautionary aspect of using beta software, emphasizing that despite remarkable improvements, drivers are ultimately responsible, and liability remains with them in case of any unforeseen issues.

Notably, FSD beta version 12.2.1 showcases the ability to execute U-Turns successfully. A notable feature is that the system learns and performs this maneuver without explicit programming effort, relying on its neural network-based approach for training.

A video shared by Omar from Whole Mars Catalog demonstrates FSD beta version 12.2.1 smoothly navigating a journey from San Francisco airport to downtown without any driver interventions. The release of FSD beta version 12 has been eagerly anticipated, with Elon Musk and others highlighting its pivotal role in advancing toward full autonomy. The version removes over 300,000 lines of human-written code, transitioning to a neural network-based approach trained with real-world driving scenarios, allowing the FSD system to actively control the car rather than merely detect objects. The eventual goal is to drop the "beta" designation from the FSD software.



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