Tesla Cybertruck Engineer Responds to Concerns About Rust in Inclement Weather

Tesla Cybertruck Engineer Responds to Concerns About Rust in Inclement Weather

Cybertruck Engineer Addresses Concerns of Rust Specks, Clarifying Stainless Steel Body

Wes Morrill, a Cybertruck engineer, has responded to claims of rust on Tesla's electric pickup truck. Some new Cybertruck owners recently expressed concerns on social media about what appeared to be rust spots on their vehicles. One owner even reported being warned of potential rust when the truck was delivered.

Morrill addressed the issue on X, explaining that the rust-like specks are not part of the Cybertruck's stainless steel body. He clarified that the stainless steel itself is not rusting and described the specks as the size of a "pinhead." According to Morrill, these specks are surface contamination from free iron reacting with stainless steel, and they can be easily cleaned off.

In a YouTube video on the matter, Justin Demaree, host of Bearded Tesla Guy, suggested that the tiny orange specks are likely "rust dust" or particles that may have collected during transportation, potentially from metal-on-metal interactions at train tracks or final polishing stages in the automotive factory.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, seemed to confirm Morrill's explanation by responding with "Yeah" to the post addressing the rust concerns. Morrill's clarification and Musk's acknowledgment aim to dispel fears about the Cybertruck's durability and assure owners that the reported specks are not indicative of rusting within the stainless steel body.


------The article excerpted from BUSINESS  INSIDER.

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