Tesla appears to have designated the forthcoming leader of its 4680 battery initiative

Tesla appears to have designated the forthcoming leader of its 4680 battery initiative

It seems that Tesla has potentially chosen the next leader for its ambitious 4680 battery cell program. Shortly after Drew Baglino, the former SVP Powertrain and Energy Engineering, departed from the company, Tesla seems to have appointed Bonne Eggleston as the new head of its 4680 battery cell division.

Initial reports about Eggleston's supposed promotion surfaced in China, with the tech publication LatePost stating that the newly elevated executive purportedly held a department-wide meeting where he announced a halt on layoffs. However, this doesn't imply that Tesla's 4680 team will have any downtime, as the report also mentioned that the company is aiming to meet its cost reduction targets by the year's end.

In its report, LatePost asserted that Tesla aims to achieve substantial cost reductions in comparison to the prices of equivalent batteries offered by suppliers such as Panasonic and LG Energy Solution.

According to sources familiar with the matter cited by the Chinese publication, Tesla purportedly aimed to achieve lower costs for its self-produced batteries compared to those supplied by external providers earlier this year. Managers in the battery department were allegedly notified at that time that Tesla might abandon its efforts related to the 4680 battery if the targeted cost reductions were not met by year-end.

Before Eggleston's apparent appointment as the new head of Tesla's 4680 program, the company's battery materials department reportedly laid off approximately half of its workforce. Moreover, the 4680 team purportedly experienced a 20% reduction in employees, effectively leaving around 800 individuals.

Eggleston, on his end, appears to have tacitly acknowledged his presumed appointment as the next head of Tesla's 4680 program. Responding to a post on X discussing the LatePost report, Eggleston utilized two emojis that electric vehicle enthusiasts interpreted as a subtle affirmation of the recent developments.

Tesla's 4680 batteries constitute a pivotal element of the company's future endeavors. Presently employed in the Cybertruck production at Giga Texas, these batteries hold immense significance. Assuming Tesla successfully navigates the production scale-up and cost reduction challenges associated with the 4680 batteries, it wouldn't be unforeseeable for vehicles like the specialized Robotaxi "Cybercab" to also integrate these next-generation cells.

The article is excerpted from Teslarati.
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