SpaceX successfully completes a static fire test for Starship

SpaceX successfully completes a static fire test for Starship

SpaceX is making swift progress with the Starship program. They've recently completed the inaugural static fire of the Starship intended for the fifth mission.

Utilizing all six Raptor engines, Starship 30 initiated its testing phase. Pending approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, SpaceX anticipates conducting the fourth Starship flight, possibly within the next month or so.

The 6 engines, comprising 3 sea-level Raptors and 3 vacuum Raptors, roared to life for approximately 4 seconds before shutting down. This static fire could mark the final one for Starship at the current launch site, following SpaceX's installation of a new flame trench and mobile test stand at its Massey's test site nearby.

Assuming Flight 4 proceeds as planned, Starship 30, coupled with Super Heavy Booster 12, could launch within a month pending swift approval from the FAA and readiness of the launch site. Booster 12 has already undergone 2 cryo-proof tests.

Meanwhile, at Starbase, SpaceX continues testing the launch mount, most recently focusing on the speed of the chopstick arms slated for catching the Super Heavy Booster. The latest test marked the fastest closure yet, although further improvements are likely to ensure a secure catch.

Additionally, SpaceX has completed 2 cryo-proof tests on Super Heavy Booster 13, adding another vehicle to the queue awaiting its turn to soar into the skies.

As the month unfolds, we anticipate Super Heavy Booster 11 and Starship 29 returning to the launch site for stacking and a wet dress rehearsal. Pending a smooth process, SpaceX will await launch approval from the FAA.

When do you anticipate Flight 4 will occur, and do you believe it will achieve more than the 3rd flight?

The article is excerpted from Teslarati.
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