Approximately 380 Cybertrucks were observed at Tesla's Giga Texas facility.

Approximately 380 Cybertrucks were observed at Tesla's Giga Texas facility.

Tesla is currently scaling up production of the Tesla Cybertruck at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. Recent footage from the site indicates a significant increase in the number of units produced.

A video shared by drone pilot Brad Sloan shows over 380 Cybertruck units at the plant, marking a notable rise from previous footage that depicted around 300 units just over a week ago. The video, titled "Overflowing with Cybertrucks," showcases the eastern charging and inspection lot brimming with electric pickups, along with others scattered across the outbound lot and various spots within the facility.

This surge represents the largest quantity of Cybertrucks observed at the facility since the initial production units were delivered in late November. In the lead-up to the Giga Texas delivery event on November 30, excitement grew as 25 Cybertrucks were spotted at Giga Texas, highlighting the gradual yet consistent ramp-up in production.

About a month ago, approximately 100 Cybertrucks were visible at the plant, aligning with Tesla's projection of 12-18 months to achieve volume production. CEO Elon Musk previously mentioned targeting around 200,000 Cybertrucks per year initially, equivalent to nearly 4,000 units weekly. Future expansion could potentially raise this figure to 250,000 units annually, although Musk emphasizes the challenges of achieving volume production.

The recent footage coincides with Tesla achieving a milestone in 4680 battery cell production, generating cells equivalent to approximately 1,000 Cybertrucks in a single week. This progress follows the commencement of Cybertruck deliveries to owners in recent months, alongside Musk's announcement during Tesla's Q4 earnings call of anticipating high demand for the 2024 builds of the pickup.



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