A recently observed prototype of the enhanced Tesla Model 3 Performance reveals a modified front splitter.

A recently observed prototype of the enhanced Tesla Model 3 Performance reveals a modified front splitter.

The enhanced Tesla Model 3 Performance may hold distinct features, suggesting a departure from the standard versions of the electric sedan. This speculation gained momentum with the recent sighting of a Right Hand Drive (RHD) Tesla Model 3 prototype, exhibiting what appears to be a newly integrated front splitter.

At present, Tesla offers the upgraded Model 3 in two trims: the base Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) variant and the Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) version. Notably, the absence of the Model 3 Performance variant from the latest Model 3 order page has fueled speculation about Tesla silently working on the next-generation Model 3 Performance. Tesla enthusiasts, notably The Kilowatts group, shared sightings of covered Model 3 prototypes, hiding design elements yet to be unveiled. A recent spotting of a black upgraded Model 3 Performance prototype, specifically an RHD variant, further stirred curiosity.

While the covered prototype concealed its front and rear, the distinctive red-painted brake calipers hinted at performance enhancements. Notably, the prototype showcased a front splitter, differing from the design seen on the upgraded Model 3 RWD and AWD versions. Although subtle, the front splitter contributed to a distinct appearance for the prototype.



--------The article excerpted from TESLARATI.

Although Tesla has not officially confirmed the release of an upgraded Model 3 Performance, leaked information and reports suggest potential additions like dedicated Sport bucket seats and a Ludicrous badge at the rear. Tesla Australia's chief engineer, Daniel Ho, hinted at a more ambitious approach with the upgraded Model 3 Performance, indicating a realization of the vehicle's untapped potential. Ho noted that during the original Model 3 Performance release, Tesla held back due to production challenges, leaving room for further enhancements in the upgraded version.

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