A fresh Tesla Model 3 Performance model has been spotted in Florida ahead of its official launch.

A fresh Tesla Model 3 Performance model has been spotted in Florida ahead of its official launch.

A fresh Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicle has been sighted in Florida, emerging ahead of its scheduled launch later this year.

In January, Martin Viecha, Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations, confirmed the development of a new Model 3 Performance variant.

Following this announcement, early vehicle builds have revealed new features, such as bucket seats, a carbon fiber dash, and potentially a Ludicrous mode indicated by badging. Documentation suggests that Tesla intends to enhance the performance specifications of the new Model 3, with a significant increase in horsepower compared to previous versions.

Recent sightings of the vehicle on multiple occasions indicate that Tesla is conducting public testing once again. The revised front bumper design, featuring air intake vents, confirms its classification as a performance configuration of the Model 3.

Past images of the updated Model 3 Performance have showcased these design elements. There is considerable speculation surrounding the Model 3 Performance, given Tesla's history of delivering significant improvements to other configurations of the vehicle, such as the Rear-Wheel-Drive and Long Range models.

Teslarati had the opportunity to test drive a unit last month, which exhibited numerous new features and enhancements compared to previous iterations, including reduced cabin noise, improved suspension dynamics, and a more minimalist interior.

However, Tesla appears to be striving for further enhancements as indicated by documents discovered in February, positioning the upcoming Model 3 Performance as one of the top performers in Tesla's lineup.

Anticipated to debut in the coming months, the introduction of the Model 3 Performance is expected to invigorate sales of Tesla's mass-market sedan. In recent years, the Model Y has overshadowed the Model 3 due to its larger storage capacity and versatile crossover body style.

The arrival of a new Model 3 Performance could be just the remedy Tesla needs to rejuvenate interest in its flagship sedan.



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