Tesla has hinted at enhancements for the upcoming Supercharger V4.

Tesla has hinted at enhancements for the upcoming Supercharger V4.

Tesla, while not flawless, has a solid history of heeding feedback constructively, notably seen with the Model 3 after scrutiny from teardown expert Sandy Munro. Munro's candid critique prompted adjustments, resulting in an improved vehicle.

Similar responsiveness appears evident in Tesla's Supercharger V4 units. These stations boast bulkier stalls and updated, seemingly sturdier cables, speculated to accommodate the network's expansion to non-Tesla EVs. Yet, feedback from some Tesla owners, such as @RoamingNorway on X, tells a different story. They've voiced concerns about the V4's heavier, less flexible cables, making maneuvering challenging. Additionally, grip issues with the V4 holster design reportedly lead to frequent drops.


Despite some dissent from fellow Tesla drivers disputing the complaints raised by the EV owner, Tesla's official charging account engaged with the feedback. Responding to the EV owner's concerns, the Tesla Charging account emphasized the significance of small details. Furthermore, the electric vehicle manufacturer confirmed upcoming enhancements, acknowledging the need for improvements in cable dock and flexibility.

Tesla Charging's swift response to the complaints regarding the Supercharger V4 stalls garnered widespread applause on social media. Addressing what seemed like a relatively minor issue, especially over a holiday weekend, earned Tesla significant praise. Although Tesla didn't specify a release date for the improved V4 Supercharger cables, the company's track record of promptly implementing enhancements suggests the updated cables could arrive soon.

Meanwhile, Tesla's expansion of Supercharger V4 installations in Europe is evident from recent updates shared by Tesla Charging. December saw the launch of several new Supercharger V4 sites across Europe, signaling the company's commitment to expanding its charging network in the region.


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