Upgraded Model 3 launching today

Upgraded Model 3 launching today

Built for distance
Go up to 629km on a single charge with updated exterior styling optimized for max aerodynamics

Upgraded Model 3 2023

Improved ride comfort
More refined & relaxed ride quality, thanks to a combination of stiffer body & updated suspension tuning.

Two new colors
Ultra Red & Stealth Grey. Designed to change with viewing angle & lighting.

Two new colors for Model 3 2023

Redesigned interior
More sophisticated materials, ventilated seats & customizable ambient lighting.

Rear touchscreen for passengers in the back to control climate & enjoy entertainment.

Center touchscreen now has smaller bezels, giving you more useable screen space. Screen is brighter, higher contrast & more responsive.

More comfortable rear seats.

More comfortable rear seats in new Model 3

Better sound system
Up to 17 speakers, dual subwoofers & dual amplifiers. Obviously goes to 11.

Super quiet cabin
360º acoustic glass ensures silence inside the cabin no matter what’s happening around you.

Also, significantly less road & wind noise.

sunroof of new Model 3 2023

Available now in Europe & the Middle East. 

The official has updated the China Model 3 page with a new video showing the redesign.

Will you buy a new Tesla Model 3?



----------This article is partly excerpted from Car and Driver.

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