10 Crucial Tips For New Tesla Owners

These ten essential tips will empower you to maximize your Tesla experience, regardless of the model you own.

Tesla produces some of the most comprehensive electric vehicles and stands as a frontrunner in automotive technology, particularly within the EV sector. Boasting cutting-edge technology and performance, Tesla cars serve as excellent options for families. The brand's popularity is skyrocketing, evidenced by the delivery of over 435,000 vehicles in the quarter ending September 2023. Contributing to this remarkable achievement is the growing number of new Tesla or EV enthusiasts. Here are ten essential tips for Tesla owners to ensure optimal utilization of their electric vehicle!

1. Peruse the Official Owner's Manual

It may seem like an obvious step, but the official owner's manual is a treasure trove of valuable information.

In the past, delving into ownership manuals was an exciting and integral part of owning a car. However, with the proliferation of online reviews and vast amounts of data available, this tradition has waned. Yet, taking the time to read through the documentation can significantly enhance your understanding of your vehicle.

Fortunately, for Tesla owners, the owner's manuals for all Tesla models are readily available online. This accessibility allows you to peruse them at your convenience, from any location, and in multiple languages, making it easier than ever to familiarize yourself with your vehicle.

2. Preplan Extended Road Journeys

Embarking on Cross-Country Voyages in a Tesla is Feasible, Yet Requires Forethought

With significant advancements in charging infrastructure and the rapid expansion of EV ranges, traversing the country in an electric vehicle has become a viable option. Nevertheless, meticulous planning and strategic foresight before embarking on a lengthy road trip can mitigate potential complications. Despite the abundance of charging stations across the United States, their operational status may vary. Additionally, accounting for downtime and strategic rest stops, ideally at charging stations, is crucial. Employing astute decision-making regarding when and where to charge can transform lengthy EV journeys into stress-free experiences.

3. Keep Your Car Within Reach Using Tesla's Mobile App

It's Packed With Features and a Game-Changer in Every Sense

Tesla's official mobile app is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. While other automakers also offer connected car apps, Tesla's stands out with its plethora of features. From remotely accessing the car's information to starting and unlocking it, the app offers everything you'd expect and more. Moreover, you can designate secondary drivers, granting them access to unlock the car without needing a physical key handover. The introduction of Tesla Smart Summon adds another layer of intrigue: With this feature, you can summon your car from distances of up to 213 feet away, and watch it autonomously navigate its way to you.

4. Maintain Optimal Tire Pressure for Your Tesla

Surprisingly, It Significantly Impacts Your Tesla's Range

While it may appear minor, tire pressure plays a significant role in a car's efficiency, regardless of whether it's an EV. As a general guideline, higher tire pressure decreases rolling resistance, facilitating smoother movement for the powertrain, whether it's ICE or electric. However, exceeding the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure can lead to a bumpier ride and compromise safety. Conversely, if tire pressure is too low, the car may feel sluggish but offer a smoother ride. Adhering to Tesla's recommended tire pressure strikes the right balance between extending your range, ensuring comfort, and maintaining safety.

5. Harness Regenerative Braking to Enhance Your Range

Embrace the Concept of "One Pedal Driving"

Regenerative braking stands out as a remarkable feature present in EVs and hybrid vehicles. Its operation is straightforward: when you release the throttle, the car utilizes its kinetic energy to recharge the batteries. This process introduces some resistance, gradually decelerating the vehicle, akin to gently applying the brakes. With practice, you can safely maneuver the car using solely the throttle pedal, eliminating the need to engage the brakes altogether. This not only simplifies driving a new Tesla but also contributes significantly to extending your car's range.

6. Consult Tesla's DIY Manual

Empower Yourself to Handle Basic Maintenance Tasks

Tesla's streamlined service appointment system ensures a seamless after-sales experience. However, as a Tesla owner, you also have the option to undertake various basic maintenance tasks or troubleshoot issues independently. Tesla provides official DIY guides to assist owners who prefer a hands-on approach. These guides are particularly handy when encountering minor issues and seeking swift resolutions. Furthermore, they are accessible in multiple languages, enhancing their accessibility and usefulness.

7. Consider Installing a Home Charger

Though Not Mandatory, It Simplifies Life Significantly

While it's not obligatory, installing a charger at home can greatly streamline your routine. Numerous options are available for selecting an effective home charger for EVs. However, if you own a Tesla, investing in a setup tailored for your car is highly recommended. While there may be a cost associated with installing a charging station, the process is typically hassle-free. With a home charging station, you gain the convenience of charging your new Tesla at your own convenience, eliminating concerns about wait times and malfunctioning charging stations.

8. Mastering the Infotainment System

Explore Tesla's Feature-Rich Multifunction Display

Tesla sets the bar high with its top-tier infotainment systems across all models. Despite lacking Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the expansive touchscreen provides control over nearly every aspect of the vehicle. Moreover, it boasts quirky features such as customizable horn sounds, built-in video games, and much more. Whether you own an entry-level Model 3 or the high-performance Model S Plaid, familiarizing yourself with a brief tutorial on navigating the car's infotainment system can greatly enhance convenience in your daily life.

9. Engage with the Tesla Owners Club

Tap into a Wealth of Knowledge to Navigate Your New Tesla

The automotive community offers a warm embrace, and joining car clubs and groups can significantly enhance your ownership experience. Among the plethora of car brands, Tesla boasts one of the most robust owner communities. These groups prove invaluable, even for seasoned Tesla owners. Each vehicle from the EV titan comes with its own unique quirks, challenges, and hidden features. By immersing yourself in these clubs and forums, you gain firsthand insights from experienced owners, allowing you to unravel the mysteries of your car. Furthermore, participating in a local chapter can grant you access to valuable resources, such as auto shops endorsed by fellow owners.

10. Stay on Top of Software Updates

Benefit from Tesla's Regular OTA Updates, Introducing New Features and Bug Fixes

Tesla stands out as one of the few automotive brands consistently delivering over-the-air (OTA) software updates, surpassing even many smartphone manufacturers in frequency. These updates roll out every few weeks, each bringing enhancements or resolving issues, and often both. While this may seem routine, it's crucial to acknowledge the heavy reliance on technology in modern vehicles. A simple wireless update has the potential to entirely transform your car, possibly even enhancing its range significantly. Updates are conveniently downloadable through Tesla's built-in cellular connection or via your home Wi-Fi network.