The official Tesla Cybertruck webpage features an entertaining hidden surprise.

The official Tesla Cybertruck webpage features an entertaining hidden surprise.

The recently updated Tesla Cybertruck's official webpage largely retains its original content from the vehicle's prototype debut in late 2019. Among the collection of captivating photos and videos, the page features an initial image displaying the Cybertruck's side against a backdrop of dark, cloudy surroundings. However, an intriguing alteration occurs if visitors wait a few minutes on the page.

The Cybertruck's webpage reveals a distinctive detail in the all-electric pickup's cockpit—a playful addition of the meme hedgehog, a longstanding icon used by Tesla to confirm vehicle orders. This cyberized hedgehog dons the Cybertruck's headlights as glasses, adding a charming touch to the interior.

This small yet delightful easter egg exemplifies Tesla's trademark humor and light-hearted approach to its electric vehicles. Tesla is renowned for embedding hidden surprises in its vehicles, ranging from amusing characters like the "superbottle" in the Model 3 to the "octovalve" in the Model Y. It's no surprise that Tesla included a whimsical easter egg on the Cybertruck's official page.

The production Cybertruck was unveiled with notable features such as Powershare, enabling power supply to homes and other vehicles. Additionally, it boasts accessories like a range extender and specialized camping gear. The base RWD version starts at $60,990, followed by the Dual Motor AWD variant at $79,990 and the top-tier Cyberbeast at $99,990.

While deliveries for the Cybertruck RWD are projected for 2025, they remain more than a year away. Estimated delivery dates for the Cybertruck Dual Motor and the Cyberbeast are listed for 2024.


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