Tesla's Model Y Surpasses VW UP! to Become Denmark's Top-Selling Car in Just One Year

Tesla's Model Y Surpasses VW UP! to Become Denmark's Top-Selling Car in Just One Year

Tesla's Model Y Makes History as Denmark's Best-Selling Car in a Single Year, Overtaking VW UP! with Over Two Months to Spare.

Denmark Witnesses a Milestone: Tesla's Model Y Emerges as All-Time Best-Selling Car in a Single Year"

Enthusiasts' keen observations reveal that the electric SUV, Tesla Model Y, has made history by becoming Denmark's top-selling car in a single year. @FonsDK/X reports that the Model Y has unseated the long-standing champion, Volkswagen UP!, which held the record for the past decade. While the German car claimed the top spot in 2013, it couldn't match the impressive performance of the Model Y.

Tesla Model Y Is Denmark’s Best-Selling Car in a Single Year, Ousting VW UP!

The October record-setting achievement holds particular significance, indicating a substantial increase in the presence of Tesla Model Ys on Danish roads by year-end. Over the next two months, the delivery of thousands of electric SUVs is anticipated, solidifying its leadership position for years to come. Given the active shift towards electric vehicles among Danish residents, the Model Y is poised to further fortify its standing in the upcoming years.

Throughout 2023, the Model Y has repeatedly outperformed its gasoline-powered counterparts, securing its status as Denmark's best-selling car this year. September marked a pinnacle for the electric SUV, with an impressive 2,389 units sold, surpassing the combined sales of the next five closest competitors.

Recent data from EU-EVs, continuously updated, reveals that as of October 25, a total of 13,091 Model Ys have been sold in Denmark this year. This figure already surpasses the 12,940 units of the VW UP! registered a decade ago in 2013. Notably, it's worth highlighting that the Model Y is approximately four times more expensive than the VW UP! was in 2013. This underscores the remarkable appeal of the electric SUV, with consumers demonstrating a willingness to invest in its premium quality.

The Tesla Model Y has garnered immense popularity in Europe. Throughout the initial eight months of this year, it claimed the title of the best-selling car across all categories in Europe. In the initial seven months of 2023 alone, it held the esteemed title of the world's best-selling car. Forecasts suggest that by the end of this year, the Model Y is poised to maintain its status as the top-selling car both in Europe and worldwide.


--------This article is partly excerpted from Electrek.

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