Tesla to Launch Train Shuttle to Giga Berlin in September

Tesla to Launch Train Shuttle to Giga Berlin in September

Tesla is launching its own train shuttle to Giga Berlin starting in September. The train will run about 60 times a day and transport not only factory employees but is also available for free use by citizens.

Tesla continues to develop in Germany with its Giga Berlin. The company also seeks to benefit local residents and create comfortable working conditions for its employees. Since Giga Berlin is a bit remote from the settlements, employees have had to get to work by car, bus, or train, and then by bus, depending on where they come from. This is not the most environmentally friendly way and not very convenient. Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that there was a railway on the territory of Giga Berlin, Tesla began developing a plan to use it to transport employees.

Thus, the Tesla factory was connected to the state railway network with its own train. After more than a year of planning and implementation, the company announced on Thursday that the new shuttle should start operating in September. It will travel between Erkner railway station and the station directly next to Giga Berlin from Monday, September, 4.

The train will run about 60 times a day from Monday to Friday. It will deliver more than 1,500 employees per shift directly to the factory building. This will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of Tesla employees. In addition, it will take the load off the roads near the factory and Erkner, which are often congested during peak hours. In addition, local residents can also benefit from this shuttle. They can also use it as needed. The Tesla shuttle is free. This service is intended to replace the existing bus service between Erkner. The Department of Construction and Transport of the State of Brandenburg approved the launch of the shuttle in February.

The location for Giga Berlin was chosen thanks to thoughtful and balanced decisions, one of which was the fact that a railway line passes through the factory site, connecting the Freienbrink industrial area with the rest of the tracks. In January 2022, it became known that Tesla purchased the existing railway track from the Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn Group (DRE) for a better connection to Giga Berlin. On this section of the railway, before the arrival of Tesla, trains had not run for about a year, but the infrastructure was in order. The route was originally designed for competitive freight traffic, so it could offer a number of benefits for Tesla.


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