Tesla receives thanks for EV development from Chinese President Xi

Tesla receives thanks for EV development from Chinese President Xi

During Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent visit to San Francisco, he met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other key figures. President Xi extended support for Tesla's endeavors in China during this meeting, which took place alongside engagements with various tech personalities, including President Joe Biden. Tesla China shared on social media that Musk was invited to a banquet honoring President Xi's visit to the Bay Area, where the two leaders discussed and received Xi's endorsement for the automaker's growth within China.

Tesla stands as a prominent player in China's electric vehicle (EV) market, alongside companies like BYD, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Geely, and others. Since initiating car production at its Shanghai plant in 2019, Tesla has seen substantial growth, becoming a key contributor to its annual sales. While Gigafactory Texas gears up, it's anticipated to surpass Shanghai's output eventually.

The presence of Gigafactory Shanghai has granted Tesla a significant edge, enabling robust production figures and cementing a dominant position in the EV race across Asia and Europe. This manufacturing hub has been pivotal in securing Tesla's influential role in EV adoption within these regions. Moreover, with production facilities strategically positioned in the U.S. to cater to the North American market, Tesla boasts a comprehensive network of factories, bolstering its global presence.

Tesla's China social media post detailed the events of November 15, highlighting CEO Musk's presence at a banquet welcoming President Xi Jinping in San Francisco. The post emphasized President Xi's meeting with Musk and key representatives before the banquet, expressing support for Tesla's advancements within China. Musk, in turn, conveyed gratitude for China's rapid strides in the new energy vehicle sector.

Celebrating a decade since entering the Chinese market, Tesla hailed its Shanghai Gigafactory, operational since 2019, as a pivotal global production hub and export center. Expressing gratitude for the support received, Tesla pledged continued dedication to China, aiming to further collaborative growth within the new energy vehicle, energy storage, artificial intelligence, and related domains alongside industry partners.



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