Tesla range modifications prompt a cascade of alterations across the vehicles.

Tesla range modifications prompt a cascade of alterations across the vehicles.

Last week, Tesla tweaked the range assessments for select vehicles in its lineup, setting off a chain of adjustments in both features and software updates. These alterations impacted the Model Y’s Long Range and Performance versions, along with the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid—the fastest Tesla cars available.

The range adjustments stemmed from updated EPA testing methods slated for 2024 model-year vehicles. Notably, these changes aren't exclusive to Tesla; they're expected to affect all electric vehicles.

In response, Tesla is implementing various modifications, including the removal of certain features, as revealed through source code analyzed by a Tesla hacker.

One significant alteration is the elimination of Creep and Roll stopping modes, leaving only the Hold Mode. This change applies to the Model 3 and Model Y, as indicated in an internal document accessed by Drive Tesla.

Tesla clarified that these adjustments aim to present a more precise and efficient range estimate, with the changes taking effect from January 1st.

Moreover, Tesla plans to introduce an efficiency package alongside an upcoming hardware update for the same vehicles whose EPA range ratings were recently adjusted. This information comes from hacker @greentheonly, as reported by Electrek. While these modifications seem linked to enhancing accurate range ratings and efficiency, the specific details of the software update remain undisclosed.

The range of an electric vehicle has sparked debate among owners, with varying opinions on what constitutes sufficient range. Tesla's efforts to provide precise range estimations reflect their commitment to empowering owners with accurate expectations for their upcoming drives.


-----The article excerpted from TESLARATI.


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