Tesla Potentially Developing a Sporty Variant of Model 3

Tesla Potentially Developing a Sporty Variant of Model 3

Tesla Might Be Readying a Performance Edition of the Model 3 with Sporty Features, Including Upgraded Seats.

Speculation about Tesla launching a more athletic variant of the refreshed Model 3 has been circulating for some time. As of now, Tesla has introduced the standard and Long Range versions, keeping mum on the Performance edition. This implies that a distinctive version is in the works, initially targeted for release in North America. Despite the updated Model 3 being unveiled and initial shipments commencing in Europe, a camouflaged test vehicle was once again sighted in the US. Company executives also evaded questions regarding US delivery timelines for the revamped sedan during the Q3 2023 earnings call.

Recently, renowned Tesla enthusiast and hacker @greentheonly/X, known for unearthing details about Tesla vehicles, made an intriguing revelation about the updated Model 3. According to him, the lineup will include Base and Sport editions. Specifically, the Sport variant will feature specialized front seats with reinforced lateral support and headrests. The hacker substantiated this claim with accompanying images he uncovered.

Tesla May Be Preparing a Sport Version of Model 3

Discovering the Sport variant of the upgraded Model 3 adds another intriguing element to the equation. Tesla recently released an updated Parts Catalog and Collision Repair Manuals, featuring some captivating visuals. Among them was an image showcasing the Model 3 with the same emblem as the Model S and X Plaid, although these images were later taken down. This sparked considerable interest from the public. Speculations have emerged suggesting that the Model 3 Plaid (or an equivalent) might take the place of the Performance model.


--------This article is partly excerpted from Reuters.

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