Tesla opens select Superchargers to all EVs in South Korea

Tesla opens select Superchargers to all EVs in South Korea

In an effort to expand accessibility, Tesla has initiated the opening of certain Superchargers to all electric vehicle (EV) brands in South Korea. This action aligns with Tesla's broader objective of extending its Supercharger Network globally to accommodate all electric vehicles.

Tesla officially declared the introduction of accessible Superchargers in South Korea through X. A brief examination of Tesla's Supercharger map indicates the availability of several charging stalls for non-Tesla electric vehicles. Some internet users have already begun sharing their encounters with these open Superchargers in South Korea.

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Throughout this year, Tesla has been steadily expanding its Supercharger Network's accessibility to other electric vehicle brands worldwide. In China, the open Supercharger Network debuted mid-year with ten stations in Beijing and Shanghai, catering to nearly 37 non-Tesla electric vehicles. Moreover, Tesla outlined plans to introduce 120 destination charging stations, spanning 25 provinces and municipalities across China.

Moving on to Australia, Tesla extended access to almost half of its 63 Supercharger stations to non-Tesla EVs during the summer. These stations were distributed across regions like South Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria, and West Australia.

Tesla's dedication to enhancing its Supercharger Network globally is evident. Apart from launching the open Supercharger Network in various nations, the company has increased the deployment of V4 chargers across North America and specific global regions.


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