Tesla Model 3 Highland May Go on Sale in China this Month

Tesla Model 3 Highland May Go on Sale in China this Month

The Tesla Model 3 Highland could go on sale in China as early as this month, according to a report. The updated car is already eagerly awaited. The first deliveries to Europe are scheduled for October. There is no information about entering the US market.

Consumers are looking forward to the release of the highly discussed Model 3 Highland in recent months. According to a new report from the China Securities Journal (via CnEVPost), the facelifted sedan will go on sale in China within a half month. The publication refers to a source familiar with this issue. While it is impossible to say with complete certainty this will definitely happen, there is reason to believe it will. According to other sources, Giga Shanghai has already started production of the updated Model 3. If this is true, then the first large batch could indeed be ready for domestic deliveries in a couple of weeks.

According to a report by China Securities Journal, potential customers prefer to wait for the updated Model 3 version to place an order. The report also mentions that some Tesla stores have begun accepting orders for the updated Model 3 from Chinese buyers. However, this is doubtful given the fact that the cars have yet to officially go on sale.

In early August, @ChrisZheng001/X (Chris Zheng) reported that Giga Shanghai had begun test production of the Model 3 Highland. He also said that in about two weeks after that, the factory will completely switch to the production of the updated version. Now Zheng has shared that the Model 3 production line at Giga Shanghai has been fully shifted to the updated model production. He clarified that the target production for August is 7,000 units. Next month, 10,000 units will be produced. The factory will need some time before it can ramp up production to full capacity.

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