Tesla launches Powerwall 3 in Germany after UK debut.

Tesla launches Powerwall 3 in Germany after UK debut.

Tesla has consecutively launched its next-generation Powerwall 3 home battery, now debuting the hardware in a second European country.

Minutes after Tesla announced the Powerwall 3's arrival in the UK on Monday, their Energy account on X revealed it’s also available in Germany. Tesla stated that in both countries, the Powerwall 3 is offered with zero VAT, making them the third and fourth markets to receive this next-generation energy storage product.

Tesla's Powerwall 3 was quietly installed across the U.S. last year, and Elon Musk finally addressed the new wave of installations in September. He noted that the Powerwall 3 is optimized for easy installation and high power, providing uninterrupted power in most cases.

Although Tesla listed the Powerwall 3 specs on its website later that month, the product wasn’t officially launched in the U.S. until February. Last month, Tesla introduced the Powerwall 3 in Canada, making it the second country to access the next-gen product.

Currently, most markets still offer only the Powerwall 2, though Tesla has improved the device over the years with software updates.

One key difference between Powerwall 2 and 3 is the built-in solar inverter and system controller in the new version. Additionally, Musk emphasized the Powerwall 3’s increased peak power in a post on X, following its official launch.

"What matters most about Powerwall 3 is that it can handle peak power of ~30kW, which is enough to handle dryers and air-conditioners," Musk wrote. "This means that a single Powerwall is now enough for most homes."

The article is excerpted from teslarati.
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