Tesla initiates local deliveries of the recently manufactured Model Y from its Gigafactory in Shanghai

Tesla initiates local deliveries of the recently manufactured Model Y from its Gigafactory in Shanghai

According to reports, Tesla has commenced the delivery of its newly produced Model Y units from the Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, following the recent introduction of the updated SUV earlier this month.

The latest batch of Tesla's Model Y vehicles from Giga Shanghai has started reaching customers in China. This update comes from various local sources, including IT Home and Sawyer Merritt. This news arrives a little over two weeks after Tesla unveiled the enhanced Model Y, which boasts several minor exterior and interior adjustments.

Among the updates, Tesla has incorporated new ambient lighting into the improved Model Y, reminiscent of the lighting strip featured in the recently refreshed Model 3 Highland. Additionally, the automaker has replaced the wood trim in the Model Y with the inclusion of an ambient lighting strip. The new version also showcases slightly quicker acceleration, clocking in at just 5.9 seconds from 0-100 km/h. Notably, the addition of the new black Gemini wheels has generated excitement among many enthusiasts.

Despite the enhancements, Tesla has maintained the base-level Model Y's price at the same level as its predecessor, starting at 263,900 yuan ($36,130). Currently, this updated base-level Model Y is exclusively produced in Giga Shanghai and isn't available in North America. Whether this situation might change remains uncertain.

While the updated Model Y hasn't been introduced in North America, Tesla recently launched a more budget-friendly, rear-wheel-drive configuration of the Model Y in the U.S., featuring a pre-incentive price of $43,990.

This development coincides with Tesla's ongoing release of the refreshed Model 3 Highland, known as the Model 3+. Recently, Tesla has initiated shipments of the Model 3+ from Giga Shanghai to several countries in Europe and Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Although the refreshed Model 3 has yet to make its debut in North America, there are expectations for its eventual release on the continent. There's even speculation that it might be manufactured at Tesla's Fremont, California factory in the future.


---------This article is partly excerpted from Reuters.

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