Tesla has made Brandenburg the number one economic growth leader in Germany

Tesla has made Brandenburg the number one economic growth leader in Germany

Tesla's presence and activities in Brandenburg have placed the state at the forefront of Germany's economic growth in the first half of this year. The company has brought a huge push to Brandenburg.

Due to a successful transaction, the economic situation in Brandenburg is undergoing positive changes. The state welcomed Tesla in 2019 and benefited greatly from the company's activities. Thanks to manufacturers, Brandenburg achieved the largest economic growth in the country in the first half of the year.

The German government statistics office stated on Friday that the gross domestic product (GDP) of East Germany increased by 6.0% from January to June. Experts in this field acknowledge that this growth is due to Brandenburg's automotive production.

“Automobile production has brought a huge boost to the economy", statistical expert Benjamin Gampfer told Reuters,”This is the main reason why Brandenburg is far above the national average.”

Hamburg ranks second with a GDP growth rate of 1.7%, leading Lower Saxony at 0.9%. The state of Rhineland-Palatinate (due to weak industry) ranked last, with a decrease of 5.4%, and Saxony Anhalt state with a decrease of -3.2%. The national GDP has decreased by 0.3%. Many experts expect a similar situation to occur throughout 2023.

Although Brandenburg has various production facilities, including those for supplying automakers, the biggest contributor is still Tesla. This American manufacturer has a factory near Grünheide that produces approximately 5,000 cars per week. Giga Berlin provides over 11,000 jobs opportunities and is the largest private employer in Brandenburg.

Yes, Tesla can play a role in Brandenburg, "Gampfer told Reuters. In 2022, the total added value of Brandenburg's manufacturing industry increased by over 13%. Alexander Schirp, Deputy General Manager of the Berlin Brandenburg Business Association (UVB), emphasized that the key driving force for growth is investment in the electric vehicle industry.

He said, "We are creating a growth core here, which will bring momentum and new prosperity to the entire region.


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