Tesla Employees Stand United Against Union Strike in Sweden

Tesla Employees Stand United Against Union Strike in Sweden

Tesla's Swedish workforce opted not to partake in the IF Metall union's strike.

Those employees who shared positive sentiments about their working conditions at Tesla chose to keep their identities undisclosed, fearing potential ramifications from the union.

IF Metall, a Swedish trade union, had earlier declared that Tesla would face a strike initiated by its members last Friday. The union expressed strong dissatisfaction over Tesla's refusal to sign a collective agreement, citing it as grounds for actions that could "potentially disrupt or seriously hinder Tesla's operations in Sweden."

However, come Friday, Tesla's Swedish employees proceeded with their work as usual, with no noticeable participation in the strike. Observers in the industry noted that the planned walkout was scarcely attended. According to local media reports (via investing.com), Tesla's service center operated normally, customers dropped off and picked up their vehicles as scheduled, without any need for rescheduling.

When asked by journalists about their absence from the scheduled IF Metall strike, Tesla employees stated they saw no rationale for joining. They asserted that their current working conditions and salaries surpass those of their previous positions. It is worth mentioning that the employees who voiced these opinions opted for anonymity, primarily due to concerns about potential repercussions, not from Tesla, but from the union.

In reality, only a small fraction of union members nationwide chose to participate in the planned strike. The majority of union members employed by Tesla in Sweden decided to continue their regular work duties.


--------This article is partly excerpted from AP News.

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