Tesla Cybertrucks Roll Into Tesla Stores Before Black Friday

Tesla Cybertrucks Roll Into Tesla Stores Before Black Friday

In just 10 days, the Cybertruck Delivery Event will electrify Tesla Giga Texas on November 30. But ahead of the grand event, Tesla (TSLA) has already rolled out Cybertrucks in its showrooms across the United States.

Eric Ahmed, a dedicated Tesla enthusiast, recently unveiled images and a video featuring a Cybertruck currently exhibited at Tesla's San Diego-UTC (University Town Center) showroom in California. These showcased Cybertrucks, reportedly production models, are slated for early delivery to reserved customers. Yet, until the Delivery Event concludes, these lucky owners will have to hold their excitement.

According to a Tesla sales representative at the San Diego-UTC Mall showroom, the showcased Cybertruck is identified as VIN-1200. Additionally, the rep confirmed a significant detail: the Cybertruck features "Perforated Seats." Notably, Tesla's newly unveiled Model 3 Highland also incorporates ventilated seats at the front and perforated ones at the rear.

The customer delivery Cybertrucks showcase an exceptional level of production quality, boasting impeccable fit and finish. The panels are seamlessly aligned, with minimal gaps—an area where Tesla's initial vehicles faced criticism, but this time, the automaker has pleasantly surprised its critics.

The stainless steel body panels exude a captivating shine. However, the stock wheel covers of the Cybertruck haven't received high praise within the Tesla Community. These covers primarily function as aero wheels to enhance range and can be effortlessly taken off to reveal the underlying wheel design.

In recent weeks, numerous trucks transporting Cybertrucks have been sighted on various US highways, ferrying these electric wonders from Giga Texas to destinations nationwide. Their presence at Tesla showrooms now allows enthusiasts an up-close view, an undoubtedly delightful sight.

The journey of the Tesla Cybertruck involved several design refinements and initial production hurdles before reaching showroom floors. However, only a select few owners will soon embrace their dream electric pickup truck. Elon Musk estimates a significant ramp-up in Cybertruck production will take a minimum of 12 to 18 months.

With an order log exceeding 2 million Cybertrucks, Tesla faces the challenge of fulfilling these orders in the coming years. The impending Cybertruck Delivery Event promises to unveil all truck features and specifications.

At the Tesla San Diego store, a Cybertruck banner discreetly reveals additional specs—bed payload and towing capacity. Specifically, the Tesla Cybertruck boasts a payload capacity of 2,500 lbs and can tow up to 11,000 lbs.

---------This article is partly excerpted from Teslarati.


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