Tesla China submits a fresh application for the Model Y, now featuring an optional radar support system

Tesla China submits a fresh application for the Model Y, now featuring an optional radar support system

According to recent filings with China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Tesla has submitted a request for approval of a new Model Y. What's noteworthy is that this filing lists radar as an optional feature for the new Model Y.

The MIIT recently published a catalog of models open for public review, and the new Model Y was among the listings. Feedback from the public regarding these vehicles will be accepted from October 17 to 23.

Reported by CNEV Post, inclusion in the MIIT's catalog is often viewed as the final significant regulatory step before a vehicle becomes available to consumers.

In the MIIT catalog, the new Tesla Model Y made its entry with two fresh model designations: TSL6480BEVAR3 and TSL6480BEVAR4. These models are fitted with a single motor capable of delivering a maximum power of 220 kW. Furthermore, they feature LFP batteries sourced from CATL, a long-standing supplier of Tesla's batteries.

Tesla begins domestic delivery of new Giga Shanghai-built Model Y

What's intriguing is that the new Model Y listed in the MIIT catalog offers options for radar, as well as various wheel styles and front fog lights. According to the catalog, the Model Y's dimensions are 4,750 mm in length, 1,921 mm in width, and 1,624 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,890 mm. The vehicle's top speed is indicated as 217 km/h (134 mph).

The Tesla Model Y has become the company's top-selling vehicle in China, especially in recent weeks as the market anticipates the initial deliveries of the upgraded Model 3, often referred to by EV enthusiasts as the Model 3 Highland. On October 1, Tesla introduced the updated Model Y in China with minor enhancements, while maintaining its starting price of RMB 263,900 ($36,120).

Judging from recent social media posts, deliveries of the new Model Y in China seem to have already commenced. Thus, it remains to be seen whether TSL6480BEVAR3 and TSL6480BEVAR4 correspond to Model Ys that have already been delivered or if they pertain to models yet to reach consumers.



---------This article is partly excerpted from Reuters.

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