SpaceX completes a successful static fire test of the Starship spacecraft.

SpaceX completes a successful static fire test of the Starship spacecraft.

SpaceX continues its advancement toward Starship's fourth flight, achieving a successful static fire test of Ship 29.

During the test, Ship 29 ignited all six Raptor engines for approximately four seconds on sub-orbital pad B at Starbase. This test generated a substantial cloud of dust, and upon clearing, Ship 29 remained intact, albeit with minor heat shield tile discrepancies.

Following this success, SpaceX plans to conduct another static fire test, similar to Ship 28's test, using one Raptor engine to simulate a de-orbit burn. If this test proceeds smoothly, Ship 29 will move forward to the next significant stage, which involves stacking it atop Booster 11 for a Wet Dress Rehearsal, a step closer to the fourth test flight.

Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX's President and COO, mentioned ongoing data review from the third test flight, alongside preparing a report for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

According to Kevin Coleman of the FAA, no major issues are expected to arise during the investigation, potentially allowing the fourth test flight to proceed as early as May. The FAA considers the previous test flight successful, with no significant safety concerns.

At the Starbase production site, Booster 4 underwent dismantling for scrapping. Originally planned as the first to fly, Booster 4 became obsolete due to SpaceX's rapid developments.

Aside from Booster 11, primed for the fourth test flight, SpaceX has at least six other boosters in various production stages. Regarding Starships, there are currently eight either completed or under construction.

-------The article excerpted from TESLARATI.

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