Revamped Tesla Model 3 Hits European Streets as Initial Deliveries Commence

Revamped Tesla Model 3 Hits European Streets as Initial Deliveries Commence

* The Enhanced Tesla Model 3 Takes to European Streets.
* Initial Deliveries Delight Customers in Germany and the Netherlands.
* Anticipate Hundreds More in the Days Ahead

Tesla has kicked off deliveries of the upgraded Model 3 in Europe, with initial customers in Germany and the Netherlands receiving their vehicles. As per reports, hundreds more are slated for delivery in the coming days. While confirmations have been received from these two countries, no further updates have been reported yet across the region. @planwerk shared that the first German customer received their delivery on Saturday, marking the first confirmed instance of the upgraded Model 3 reaching a customer. Previously, a photo circulated on X showcasing the updated vehicle in Israel, along with a statement that initial deliveries had taken place in the country. However, no comprehensive details have been disclosed.

Today first deliveries of the Tesla Model3 Highland in Bielefeld Germany.

On Monday, @EstherKokkelman announced the commencement of initial deliveries for the enhanced Model 3 in the Netherlands, sharing images of the vehicle in Apeldoorn. Anticipated in the days ahead, hundreds of fortunate individuals throughout Europe are poised to become the global trailblazers in possession of the updated Model 3.

Upgraded model 3 deliveries started today in The Netherlands!

Europe is now the inaugural region worldwide to initiate deliveries of Tesla's latest vehicle. This marks a significant milestone for the company, as it has never before introduced new products in this region. Deliveries of the updated Model 3 are slated to kick off in the Asia-Pacific region in the near future. However, North American customers will need to exercise a bit more patience.

While Tesla has not provided an official timeline for the commencement of deliveries in North America, there are some intriguing hints. So far, the company has unveiled the Model 3 in two versions: the base model and the Long Range variant. Details regarding the Performance version remain undisclosed. However, a camouflaged Model 3 was recently spotted on a public road in California, suggesting that Tesla still has some surprises up its sleeve, potentially including a high-performance iteration of the Model 3. Speculation even points towards an enhanced performance, possibly on par with the Model S and X Plaid.



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