Owners in Finland secure new record for the largest Tesla light show

Owners in Finland secure new record for the largest Tesla light show

Participating owners in Finland orchestrated an extensive synchronized light display, setting a fresh record for the largest Tesla light show this week.

Over the weekend, IMettomaki from Helsinki, Finland, posted videos capturing what appears to be the groundbreaking moment for the largest Tesla light show. The display featured an impressive assembly of over 687 cars, almost tripling the previous record, as per the post. The footage showcases the expansive array of Teslas pulsating in precise synchronization to the rhythm of a song.

The event featured the track “Sandstorm” by Finnish artist Darude, and the Tesla light show’s massive scale is shown in the pair of videos, which were taken from on the ground.

New record for largest Tesla light show clinched by owners in Finland

Zachary Visconti's article from November 18, 2023, highlighted the groundbreaking achievement of owners participating in a massive synchronized light spectacle in Finland, setting a new record for the largest Tesla light show to date.

Over 687 Tesla cars congregated in Helsinki, Finland, as captured in videos shared by IMettomaki, indicating a substantial leap beyond the previous record. The footage showcased the fleet of Teslas pulsating in synchrony, choreographed to the beats of the track "Sandstorm" by Finnish artist Darude.

The scale of this event was evident in the videos filmed on-site, depicting a mesmerizing display of coordinated lights. The vehicles' headlights and taillights created expansive, sometimes red-hued, auras around the outdoor space. Notably, brief moments of darkness accentuated the brilliance when all vehicles simultaneously turned off their lights.

This achievement follows a September event where approximately 255 Teslas synchronized to a remix of "Can’t Stop" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Prior to that, in July, California Tesla owners organized a Cybertruck-themed light show after the company extended the coordinated lighting feature to all its vehicles last year.

Before the remarkable German Tesla light show, a San Luis Obispo event in California held the presumed record, featuring 170 Tesla vehicles and attracting over 2,300 attendees.

Initially introduced with the Model X, Tesla expanded the light show feature to its entire vehicle lineup in last year’s Holiday Update release.


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