Elevate Your Journey: Must-Have Tesla Model Y Accessories for Summer 2023

Elevate Your Journey: Must-Have Tesla Model Y Accessories for Summer 2023

Summertime is always the best of what might be. To improve your experience with summer journeys and make the most of your Tesla Model 3/Y, Arcoche store for all your Tesla needs, presents a selection of must-have accessories in this summer!

In order to protect your Tesla's interior, optimize storage space and ensure your comfort, these top-quality products seamlessly integrate into your Tesla Model 3/Y, transforming it into the ultimate summer companion. Join us as we explore some incredible accessories from Arcoche that will elevate your summer driving experience to new heights.

Ice Crystal Sunshades: When the sun is blazing, the Ice Crystal becomes essential to keep the interior of your Tesla Model 3/Y cool and protected. Our sunshades are custom-fit to perfectly cover the roof, blocking harmful UV rays and reducing heat buildup inside the car. With a reflective surface, it effectively reflects sunlight, keeping the cabin temperature comfortable and preventing damage to your dashboard and upholstery.

Seat Cushion: Are you still worrying about being too hot while siting in the car? If yes, please come have a look at our seat cushion. Made of premium quality material, the seat cushion is more breathable and sweat-absorbent, which will make your journey more comfortable. With stylish design, the car seat pad makes your car interior look more upscale and elegant. The appearance is crisp and full, compact and thick, with distinct layers and smooth and cool feel.

Front Grill Mesh: The front bumper grill is made from strong ABS plastic and stainless steel wire mesh with anti-rust coating, which is durable, easy to clean. It can effectively prevent leaves, rocks and others from entering the interior of the vehicle through the gap of the air vent, causing dirt or affecting heat dissipation and affecting driving safety.

Exclusive line of accessories from Arcoche is designed to enhance your driving experience with comforat, convenience and fashion. From interiors to exteriors, from replacement to necessaries, we have everything that you might need.


---------This article is partly excerpted from Tesbros Blog.

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