Lowest Theft Rates: Tesla Model 3 AWD Leads the Pack in the US

Lowest Theft Rates: Tesla Model 3 AWD Leads the Pack in the US

In a 2022 report from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI), a fascinating trend emerged in vehicle thefts across the United States. Among the vehicles monitored by HDLI, the Tesla Model 3 AWD emerged as the least stolen car in the country.

HDLI assigned a relative claim frequency (RCF) score to each vehicle in its analysis, which reflects the ratio of insured vehicles to the number of theft claims filed for that specific model. According to HDLI's findings, the Tesla Model 3 AWD boasts the lowest RCF score of all vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 AWD found to be least stolen vehicle in the US

According to the HDLI's study, the Tesla Model 3 AWD stands out with an RCF score of 3, accompanied by 3 claims. Following closely behind is the Model Y AWD, which boasts an RCF score of 3, with 5 claims. Other Tesla models also secure positions in the HDLI's least stolen vehicles list, including the Tesla Model X AWD (RCF score of 8, with 2 claims), the Tesla Model 3 RWD (RCF score of 9, with 6 claims), and the Tesla Model S AWD (RCF score of 15, with 4 claims).

In contrast, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat takes a less fortunate position with an RCF score of 6,128 and 196 claims. The Dodge Charger HEMI closely follows with an RCF score of 2,197 and 712 claims. The Honda CR-V 4WD also stands out, recording an RCF score of 409, accompanied by a significant 1,141 claims.

Tesla Model 3 AWD found to be least stolen vehicle in the US

The remarkable low RCF scores for Tesla's electric vehicles stem from a combination of factors. Notably, Tesla's vehicles are inherently challenging to steal. Each Tesla is equipped with internet connectivity, facilitating efficient tracking in the event of theft. Furthermore, advanced security features like PIN to Drive add an extra layer of protection, making it exceedingly difficult to operate a Tesla without the owner's specific credentials.

This exceptional difficulty in stealing a Tesla was exemplified in an incident involving a Tesla Model S back in April 2019. This particular vehicle was part of a rental fleet in Canada and was rented out to a customer who subsequently arranged to have the Model S transported overseas. In a high-stakes operation that required cooperation between INTERPOL and the Italian police, the all-electric sedan was successfully retrieved during a layover in Italy. Remarkably, throughout its journey, the owners of the Model S were able to track its location, even while it was at sea.


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