A Norwegian union has joined a Tesla blockade to show support for Swedish workers.

A Norwegian union has joined a Tesla blockade to show support for Swedish workers.

Norway's largest private sector labor union announced plans to impede the transit of Tesla cars bound for Sweden in solidarity with striking Swedish mechanics. This move follows the ongoing blockade by Swedish unions against Tesla since October, aiming to pressure the electric vehicle manufacturer into signing collective bargaining agreements.

Dockworkers in Sweden have already refused to unload Tesla cars from arriving ships, and various Swedish groups, including electricians, cleaners, postal workers, and auto component manufacturers, have pledged to withhold their services from the company.

Fellesforbundet, the Norwegian union, aims to send a strong message to Tesla and prevent vehicle shipments from Norway to Sweden, although specific measures are yet to be disclosed. The union leader, Joern Eggum, highlighted the importance of collective agreements in the workplace and emphasized their unwillingness to accept Tesla's stance outside established norms.

Actions by the Norwegian union are set to commence on December 20. Tesla maintains a policy against collective bargaining, asserting that its employees already receive favorable terms. However, Nordic labor unions argue that Tesla's resistance challenges their authority and the rights of workers to negotiate working conditions, wages, and other benefits.

In solidarity, Denmark's 3F labor union also declared its support for Swedish mechanics by refusing to handle or transport Tesla cars intended for the Swedish market.


------This article is partly excerpted from Reuters.

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