Tesla Rolls Out FSD V12.4.3 to Employees

Tesla Rolls Out FSD V12.4.3 to Employees

After the recent rollout of V12.4.2 to employees and early access testers, Tesla has now released V12.4.3 to employees, as reported by X user Farzad. This update is identified as version 2024.15.15.

Although we haven't yet seen the complete release notes to make a detailed comparison, it appears that this update primarily addresses bug fixes. We've recently provided an in-depth look at the new features introduced in V12.4.2 here.

Update: The release notes are unchanged from FSD v12.4.2; this update focuses solely on bug fixes.

Given Tesla's quick succession of updates for internal testers, employees, and early-access customers, it seems likely there will be a few more iterations of V12.4 before it reaches the broader customer base as Tesla continues to refine FSD.

How come there are so many versions and delays?

While delays are never welcome, it's important to remember that Tesla must prioritize safety for FSD releases. Releasing an unsafe version to hundreds of thousands of vehicles could have significant impacts on people's lives.

Additionally, each subversion represents Tesla fine-tuning their AI model, improving its ability to handle both normal and edge cases. These incremental releases are positive steps; ultimately, we’ll get a better and safer product.

Every version undergoes rigorous internal testing first with dedicated ADAS testers, then employees, and finally Tesla's early-access customers. Only after these groups approve and most major bugs are fixed does a release get the green light to go wide.

So, keep an eye out for when this release becomes official and you might get nag-free FSD for your vehicle.

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