Tesla Introduces New Vision-Based Autopark in Europe: Requirements and Features

Tesla Introduces New Vision-Based Autopark in Europe: Requirements and Features

Today, with the release of update 2024.20.6, Tesla has launched its new vision-based Autopark feature for vehicles both with and without Ultrasonic Sensors (USS) outside of North America.


This is the first time the Vision Autopark update has been rolled out outside of North America. We have confirmed that it is now available in several European countries, including Spain, Germany, France, and Italy, among others.

It might also be available outside of Europe, but we haven't received confirmation yet. The specific hardware of your vehicle isn't a significant factor. It's being offered on vehicles with HW3 or higher, both Intel and AMD-based systems, and for those with or without ultrasonic sensors.

However, it does require either Enhanced Autopilot or Tesla's Full Self-Driving package on your vehicle.

Vision Autopark Features

The latest version of Vision Autopark is quite unique and includes new visuals. High-Fidelity Park Assist, which offers a 3D reconstruction of your surroundings, is exclusive to AMD processors. For Intel vehicles, a top-down 2D view will be displayed instead, highlighting the differences between Intel and AMD Autopark visuals.

Vision Autopark is significantly faster and more accurate than the old USS-based Autopark. It can also park in tighter spaces, just slightly wider than the vehicle's maximum width.

Note that the new vision-based Autopark still supports backing into parking spots and parallel parking. However, it does not currently support driving head-in or parking in diagonal spots.

This is the first time Autopark is available on vehicles without ultrasonic sensors outside of North America. With the introduction of vision-based Autopark to vehicles internationally, it's likely that features like Smart Summon, Park Seek, and Banish Autopark will also be included in an upcoming FSD release.

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