Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Long Range: Which AWD Model is Right for You?

Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Long Range: Which AWD Model is Right for You?

The Model 3 Long Range is an electric sedan renowned for its impressive speed. However, with the upcoming 2024 launch of the Performance variant, Tesla is presenting an irresistible option.

While the Model 3 Performance may not reach the extreme speeds of the Model S Plaid, it can still surprise unsuspecting passengers who might not distinguish between a regular Model 3 and the enhanced version with aerodynamic upgrades and a reinforced suspension. It excels at drag strips and, thanks to Tesla's engineering, can handle corners like a true sports car.

All the added sportiness has increased the Model 3 Performance’s price, which might lead many buyers to consider the Long Range version instead.

The Model 3 Long Range has been available for some time and is known for requiring fewer battery recharges during trips. With a 0-100 kph time of 4.4 seconds, this version is no slouch either.

So, if you’re set on the Model 3 but can’t decide between the top two variants, you’re in the right place for guidance. Our Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Long Range comparison will address most of your questions regarding the specifications of these two versions.

Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Long Range: An In-Depth Comparison

Even before looking at the spec sheet, it’s clear that the Model 3 Performance is designed for speed and superior cornering compared to the Model 3 Long Range, even though both have a dual motor all-wheel drive setup.

To keep it interesting and simple, we'll focus on the areas where the Performance model excels over the other variants. Let's start with the most important factors.

Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Long Range: Acceleration, top speed

The Model 3 Long Range, equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system, is impressively quick by any standard. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just 4.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 210 kph. That’s enough to give your rear passengers a thrill at every traffic light.

But the Model 3 Performance takes things to a whole new level. Press the accelerator and this high-speed variant rockets from 0 to 100 kph in a mere 3.1 seconds—putting it in hypercar territory! And this is a family sedan we're talking about. On an open road, it can reach a top speed of 262 kph.

So, the next time someone claims electric cars lack impressive top speeds, tell them about this one!

Winner: Model 3 Performance

What about the range?

For a sedan with incredibly fast acceleration, the Model 3 Performance delivers a respectable range on a full charge. Tesla claims that a careful driver can achieve an average range of 528 km, which is sufficient for city driving and occasional trips to the race track.

However, greater range is vital in an electric vehicle, and the Model 3 Long Range alleviates range anxiety with its impressive 629 km on a full charge. This extended range is ideal for long-distance travel, requiring fewer recharging stops compared to the swifter Performance model.

Winner: Model 3 Long Range

Driving dynamics

Thanks to its enhanced chassis, powertrain, and software management systems, the Model 3 Performance is sure to dominate this segment.

The Model 3 Performance's drive unit is fine-tuned to deliver superior peak power and torque without heavily draining the battery. A new custom chassis and advanced adaptive suspension enhance driving dynamics, improving the car's cornering abilities.

This setup also ensures greater comfort at commuting speeds, and with low rolling resistance tires, it can nearly achieve the claimed range of 528 km.

Tesla's lightweight 20-inch wheels with Pirelli tires offer sharper turn responses, better cornering traction, and improved aerodynamics. The new high-performance brakes manage heat more effectively on the track, providing improved pedal feedback.

As expected from Tesla, there's a new Track Mode V3, allowing you to maximize the vehicle's performance. This mode adjusts the powertrain and adaptive suspension for various driving conditions and lets you customize handling balance, stability control, and regenerative braking.

In contrast, the Model 3 Long Range is designed as a family touring sedan, optimized for better efficiency and extended range.

In this comparison, the Model 3 Performance takes the lead.

Winner: Model 3 Performance

Do you get racecar interiors?

Happily, no.

Despite its focus on high performance, the Model 3 Performance features an interior that maintains a high level of comfort and luxury for all passengers. However, there are a few notable differences.

While the Model 3 Long Range boasts an elegant interior, the Model 3 Performance enhances the sporty feel with carbon fiber accents on the dashboard. Tesla has replaced the comfort-oriented seats with bucket-style sports seats that provide better support during high-speed cornering. These seats also feature a ventilation function to keep you cool or warm.

Winner: Tesla Model 3 Performance


The Model 3 Long Range boasts the highest range among all variants, priced at MYR 218,000 in its standard configuration. This price does not include the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability packages.

In contrast, the Model 3 Performance is the most expensive option in the lineup, starting at MYR 242,000, without any additional self-driving or customization options.

Thus, the Model 3 Long Range holds the pricing advantage in this comparison.

Winner: Model 3 Long Range

Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Long Range: Our Conclusion

Winner: Model 3 Performance

The Tesla Model 3 Performance emerges victorious in this comparison, scoring the highest overall. However, the choice between these two variants should hinge more on your personal preferences and needs rather than purely on statistics.

Designed specifically for high-performance driving on tracks and drag strips, the Model 3 Performance is a four-door sports car that delivers abundant electric power. It features advanced suspension with a sharper chassis, lightweight aerodynamic wheels, and sporty seats that maintain comfort. Its electric range is somewhat lower, making it less suitable for extended journeys but ideal for spirited driving.

Conversely, the Model 3 Long Range is crafted as a comfortable, long-distance electric sedan prioritizing efficiency and extended range. Opt for this model if you seek a practical electric vehicle in this category.

Common Questions (FAQs)

1) How do the batteries of the Tesla Model 3 Performance and Long Range differ?
--- The Tesla Model 3 Performance provides a range of 528 km, whereas the Long Range offers up to 629 km.

2) Is the Tesla Model 3 Performance faster than the Long Range?
--- Yes, the Tesla Model 3 Performance boasts quicker acceleration with a 0-100 kph time of 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 262 kph.

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