Tesla Energy spotlights its latest ad campaign featuring the 'Charge on Solar' innovation

Tesla Energy spotlights its latest ad campaign featuring the 'Charge on Solar' innovation

Tesla Energy recently shared a new ad on social media, showcasing a handy feature that allows owners to use surplus solar energy to charge their electric vehicles (EVs).

On Friday, the Tesla Energy account on X posted a short video featuring Rick, a Tesla EV owner for over a decade. In the video, Rick explains how the Charge on Solar feature operates with his Model Y Performance, Wall Connector, and four Powerwalls.

"Charge on Solar is a feature I was thrilled to see introduced," Rick said. "When it became available, I was eager to try it. It gives me another way to use the extra solar power to charge my car whenever I need it."

"Charge on Solar dynamically manages the power distribution to the car based on the output of your solar panels."

According to the company’s website, owners of solar panels, one or more Powerwalls, and one or more Tesla vehicles can use the Charge on Solar feature. You can check out the short teaser posted on X below.

Watch it on X.

Tesla Energy's 2024 Deployments and Profitability

Tesla’s Energy division has been diligently expanding this year. CEO Elon Musk stated in Q1 that the growth rate of the energy sector would soon surpass that of the automotive division. He also highlighted last year that energy products were becoming Tesla’s highest-margin business, contributing over half a billion dollars to quarterly profits in Q3.

Building on these statements, Tesla reported record profitability for its energy sector in Q1, driven by the deployment of its grid-scale Megapacks. The company has been increasing Megapack production at its Megafactory in Lathrop, California, and recently started constructing a similar factory in Shanghai, China.

In February, Tesla announced reaching 600,000 Powerwall installations worldwide and launched the next-generation Powerwall 3 in North America.

Tesla’s Advertising Efforts Post-Layoffs

After multiple rounds of layoffs, including the dismissal of the entire advertising team, Tesla's advertising strategy has been somewhat unclear. Despite this, and after pressure from shareholders, Musk and Tesla initiated small-scale advertising efforts before the layoffs.

The company continues to share advertisements on social media, particularly in the lead-up to the annual shareholders meeting. Recently, Tesla Energy has promoted several ads, including one for the Powerwall 3 showcasing its water resistance.

Below are a few more advertisements for Tesla’s energy products shared over the past few months:

Tesla Powerwall 3 Operates in Over Two Feet of Water

Tesla Ecosystem | Solar + Energy Storage + Vehicles

Solar Roof | Powering the Future of Communities

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