Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in Iceland Being Filmed

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in Iceland Being Filmed

Tesla Cybertruck was spotted in Iceland during a video shoot. The steel beast confidently overcame large sections of wet snow. The first deliveries of Cybertruck are approaching and the company is stepping up efforts to prepare for the launch of the product to market.

Apparently, Tesla is already very close to bringing Cybertruck to market along with the first deliveries. Residents of Texas, California, and even Nevada are increasingly reporting seeing trucks transporting Cybertrucks. These spectacular sightings hint that the pickup trucks could be headed for testing and detailed study at the Tesla factory in Fremont. Of course, there could be more to this. For example, the Cybertrucks could be delivered to stores in different states.

It is expected that the first deliveries should take place soon, and the first units will be handed over to Tesla employees. Most likely, the event will take place at Giga Texas, where the first production units rolled out. Later, somewhere in September, the first deliveries to the company's customers will begin. As Elon Musk mentioned earlier, a solemn event should take place in connection with this.

In preparation for the start of the first deliveries, it seems Tesla is also preparing a promotional video for the new product. On Saturday, @carlosRdeA posted on X a video filmed in Iceland. It depicts Cybertruck driving through an area with wet and melted snow. In front of it was a black Land Rover Discovery with the rear door open, from where the camera filmed the pickup truck running.

Tesla does not use traditional media to advertise its products. Instead, the company itself sometimes advertises its products through its official channels on various social networks. The company often publishes tutorial videos or writes about new features added to cars. In addition, Tesla shows videos related to the development of its other businesses. In recent months, the activity of the manufacturer in the publication of such videos has increased. The recently filmed video of Cybertruck in Iceland is expected to be shown shortly, possibly even during the truck handover ceremony for the first customers.

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