Elon Musk responds to critics with a striking new video showcasing the impressive Tesla Bot.

Elon Musk responds to critics with a striking new video showcasing the impressive Tesla Bot.

If you were captivated by the agility of Boston Dynamics' dog-like robots upon their debut, Tesla's latest foray into robotics is bound to catch your eye.

In a recent update on X via its Tesla Optimus account, the company shared a video showcasing its Gen 2 Optimus robot with the caption, "There's a new bot in town. Check this out (until the very end)!" The video demonstrates the Gen 2 robot's remarkably human-like movements, highlighting its faster 11-DoF hands, improved balance demonstrated through squats, and tactile sensing abilities exhibited by delicately handling an egg between its forefinger and thumb.

This new iteration brings significant advancements, including a 2-DoF actuated neck, integrated electronics within actuators, a 30% increase in walking speed, enhanced foot force and torque sensing, articulated toe sections mirroring human foot geometry, and an overall 10kg weight reduction. Initially unveiled in 2021 at Tesla's Artificial Intelligence Day, the robot was met with skepticism as some viewed it as another ambitious concept from CEO Elon Musk. However, Musk himself believes in the potential of the Optimus venture, projecting it to potentially surpass the value of Tesla's entire car business and the full self-driving technology.

The first version faced criticism for its inability to handle complex tasks, a challenge that seems to have been addressed with the Gen 2 edition.

Tesla's AI team actively seeks talent in Palo Alto, CA, offering a wide array of positions, from internships to specialist engineering roles. With salaries reaching up to $360,000, it's an enticing opportunity for those passionate about contributing to the development of cutting-edge robotics.


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