Videos depict Tesla Cybertrucks facing challenges when driving off-road.

Videos depict Tesla Cybertrucks facing challenges when driving off-road.

Following years of delays, the Tesla Cybertruck commenced select deliveries on November 30. Now that consumers have gotten their hands on these electric trucks, footage of their off-road performances has surfaced online, portraying less-than-stellar capabilities.

The Cybertruck, boasting impressive specs on paper, should excel off-road with its all-wheel drive, powerful motors, adjustable air suspension, and sizable ground clearance. Despite its substantial size, Tesla incorporated a four-wheel steering system to enhance maneuverability. However, initial footage on social media platforms suggests otherwise.

In one TikTok video, a group of Cybertruck drivers struggled with a dirt trail's open switchback, requiring multiple reverse maneuvers to navigate. The truck's steer-by-wire system might have contributed to this challenge, or it could simply be a case of inexperienced off-road driving.

Another viral Instagram clip showcased a Cybertruck facing difficulty on a snowy hill, allegedly due to software issues affecting the electro-mechanical locking differential. The truck, weighed down at over 6600 lbs, struggled to ascend and required assistance, underscoring concerns about its performance off-road, especially with unsuitable tires.

While defending the Tesla by citing improper equipment or inexperienced driving is plausible, witnessing it being towed uphill by a Ford doesn't bode well for its image. Additionally, the prototype lacked appropriate recovery points, leading to it being pulled by its suspension, potentially stressing those components.

These videos don't necessarily brand the Cybertruck as an incompetent off-roader; they might simply highlight the need for experienced off-road handling. Exploring its capabilities under skilled off-roaders could provide a clearer picture of its true potential in rugged terrains.



-------This article is partly excerpted from The Drive.